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First Blog Post!

We built a site, and now we're building a blog! Here at Architexture Salon, we're building so much more than just great hair and we think you should know about it.

We're building lasting relationships with our clients so they can build their confidence. We love our customers, and we want them to love the way they look. Also we want them to come back, and maybe bring their friends and family! So we're building trust, too.

And, we're building community. We live in Waldo, and we're super proud of it. How lucky are we that we get to work where we live? It's pretty amazing. We love our neighbors! Have you been to McLain's? OMG they are fantastic.

McLain's Bakery in Waldo, KC. Simply the best .

McLain's Bakery in Waldo, KC. Simply the best.

And they are right next door! 🍰😱

Anyway, thanks for stopping by our new site. Tell us what you think in the comments!!

Tami Daniel