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Babylights vs. Balayage

Keeping up with all the terms in the beauty industry is a full-time job, but when it comes to your hair, there are some definitions you should definitely know if you want a new look. Two of the terms you may have heard are babylights and balayage, but unless you're always reading beauty magazines or spend a lot of time in the hair salon, you may have no idea what these revolutionary techniques are, or what they could do for your hair.

So, let’s get talking about these two hair color techniques and how they can completely change your look.

Basics of Balayage

Balayage is a freehand highlighting technique that focuses the lightest color on the ends of your hair. So your roots will be your natural color, and as you go down to the tips, a lighter color will gradually be worked in until the ends are mostly highlighted. Balayage creates that natural, glowing, sun-kissed look that you get after spending time outside in summer.

The technique requires a lot of skill, because the color is most often applied freehand (but can be achieved with foils, papers or cotton), and because the colorist must find a color that complements your natural hair color and brings out your features. Plus, balayage is all about gradual color change, so it’s not the kind of color job you want to try at home. You have a number of color options for the balayage highlights, and some of the most popular include:

  • Basic blonde

  • Pearl blonde

  • Silver blonde

  • Beige blonde

  • Honey

  • Golden caramel

  • Caramel

  • Copper

  • Mahogany

Intro to Babylights

Babylights, on the other hand, are very subtle highlights—like the kind you see in children’s hair. While both balayage and babylights produce very natural looks, babylights are much more delicate and understated. Babylights are applied with foils the way traditional highlights are, but the difference is that you color much smaller sections of hair, and the sections are spaced closer together, so the highlights and natural color blend together seamlessly.

Benefits of Babylights and Balayage

Even though they're very different coloring techniques, both balayage and babylights have a number of benefits in common. For one, they both produce very natural highlights, so they're ideal ways to add extra color and spice to your look without being too dramatic. Plus, they're both very versatile looks that can work with almost any hair color and type.

And the best part about these hair coloring techniques? They're low maintenance. That’s right: you don’t have to worry about rushing back to the salon every month with these techniques, because as the color grows out, there's no obvious line that defines natural hair and colored hair, and the gradual color change just becomes even more subtle.

Now that you know all about babylights and balayage, you can call the salon and allow us to assist you with your next appointment or book yourself!  Get your color spruced up before summer gets away from you! If you want a more delicate look, opt for babylights that are soft and subtle. If you're ok with a bolder but still natural look, try balayage for that fresh-from-vacation look that goes so well with summer. Either way, you'll be thrilled with your new color, because both babylights and balayage are tried and true techniques that bring life and radiance to hair.