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Hair Color Trends for 2017

Popular hair colors come and go just like hair and fashion styles, and this year there are quite a few different color trends that are taking the salon world by storm. The good news is that whether you're comfortable with black, brown, blonde, red, or super funky hair, there's a color trend out there for everybody in 2017.

1.  Greens and Blues Are In

Move over pink hair, this year’s trend is green and blue! The colors that are popular now are faded pastels that are reminiscent of seafoam green and classic wedding colors. And don’t worry: if you aren't feeling brave enough to do your whole head in this color, you can always try adding a few bits of deep blue or emerald green to enhance a deep allover black hair color.

2. Classic Reds Are All the Rage

Reds in all shapes, sizes, and hues are very popular right now, and anything from natural orange-red to deep purple-red to bright fire engine red is in.  Double-dipping is ok... when it comes to vibrant colors!  Our model Kennedy, was double-dipped in a few different vivid reds resulting in an amazingly beautiful cool red tone.  This up and coming technique enhances a basic red, copper colour.  

3. Grown-Out Roots or Shadow Base

It used to be that grown-out roots were a sign that you were too lazy to go to the salon regularly, but these days the look is one of our more requested colour services.  Wait, people seriously ask for a rooty look?!  Actually, yes!  In fact, the starker the contrast between your natural roots and your colored hair the better.

4. Blondes, Balayage & Babylights

Blonde is always in, so it may not be strictly necessary to include it here, but we will anyway because blonde is really in right now! And the best part is that all blondes are popular, so even if you can't pull off platinum, you can still stay on trend with another shade, such as:

  • Strawberry

  • Honey

  • Silver

  • Dirty

  • Ash

  • Golden

  • Ginger

  • Snow White

5. Rainbow Hair Is the Most Fun Trend of 2017

With all the different colors that have been popular in the last few years, and with the variety of colors that are in fashion right now, it may come as no surprise that rainbow/unicorn hair is also in right now.  Not only is it a popular request but it is the most labor intensive and the most expensive colour service!  There are a number of ways you can approach this, including sporting a full head of rainbow hair, doing sections in different colors, getting half-head highlights on the bottom layers of hair, or even a rainbow gradient from root to tip. The best thing about this look is that you get to be creative, play around with the colors, and can really make the look your own.

6. Ombre

Ombre has been around for quite awhile, too long actually but it’s still being requested in the salon so we thought we would go ahead and include it in our list.  If you're not familiar with ombre, here's a quick rundown: your roots are one color, your tips are another color, and everything in between is a gradual transition from one color to the next. Most people choose to do their natural color on top and a highlight color on the bottom, but you can also achieve this technique with a variety of colors from deep brown to deep copper to golden blonde.

7. Celebrating the Beauty of Natural Browns

Loreal photo.jpg

Brown hair is also having its hay day in 2017. Whether you're a natural brunette or wanting to try on a new color, any shade of brown will put you at the height of hair color fashion this year, and some shades you may want to consider include chestnut, golden, caramel, cocoa, sandy, ash, and chocolate.  L'Oreal professionnel launched their new line of French Colours earlier this year, the colours are a welcome compliment to a boring brown colour and the feedback has been fantastique! 

8. Black Hair Is Making a Comeback

While it may not yet be quite as hot as blonde or brown hair yet, black hair’s popularity is on the rise, and you can expect to see more and more women sporting a jet coif. And while you may think black hair is black hair, there are in fact different shades you can try, including charcoal, ink, matte, and natural.  

The good news about hair color trends in 2017 is that there's something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you like your hair red, black, or multicolored, there's a good chance that you'll be on trend no matter what you pick. The important thing is that you get your hair colored by a professional so that you can avoid DIY mishaps and mistakes that'll have you wanting to shave your head!

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