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Is the Beard Trend Coming to an End?

The current trend toward male facial hair—the full-on beard—reached its peak around 2013, and since then there has been a slight decline in the popularity of the beard. This has some predicting that the beard trend is waning, and that we’ll see nothing but a sea of smooth faces in the years to come. But that has some people wondering whether the trend is already dead, and for those who are trying to decide on a good look for summer, today we’ll go over a few talking points about the current beard trend.

The Beard Is On Its Way Out

The beard has defined the male visage for the last five-plus years, and you can't turn a corner in any big city or small town without encountering a guy sporting a goatee, mutton chops, or some other stylish facial fuzz. But that’s been slowly fizzling out over the last few years, and 2017 may well be the final year of the beard.

More and more guys are opting for the clean-shaven look again, and many trend spotters think it won’t be long before that’s the dominant look again. One thing that’s certain: the big, bushy, lumberjack beard is definitely out. If you're not convinced, just have a look through your Instagram account.

But Not So Fast

However, that’s not to say the beard trend is dead yet. Your stroll down Instagram lane will probably reveal that while there are more and more baby faces out there, there are probably just as many well-kempt, well-trimmed, and well-tamed beards out there right now too.

This is because while the beard is on its way out, there are still plenty of guys who aren't willing to cut ties just yet, so they're instead opting for a shorter and more controlled beard. To maintain this look, however, you have to be willing to comb, moisturize, wax, and shape, otherwise your perfect beard will grow out into an unmanageable 2012-esque bush in no time.

Facial Hair Trends to Try (If You're Not Ready to Give Up the Beard)

So before you run to the barber to have your beard shaved off completely, there are a few tamer beard trends you can try out if you don’t think you're quite ready to part with the facial hair just yet. Again, this will require a bit of time and effort, but your hard work will be well worth it when you see your perfectly shaped beard in the mirror. Here are four of the most popular tamed beard trends happening right now:

Short beard with a disconnected mustache: This one is pretty self-explanatory: you keep your beard nice and short, and then grow a mustache that’s separate from the rest of the beard. The purpose of this is to differentiate the look from any other short beard, where the mustache is usually attached.

Faded beard: This style involves combining a fade hair cut with a beard, which is extremely popular right now. Basically, the faded hair cut ends and the sideburns begin, followed by the beard.

Thin beard: This is essentially long and well-trimmed stubble. It’s probably easiest to start with a clean shave for this look, and then to keep the beard trimmed and shaped from there.

The beard does appear to be on its way out, but there is a caveat: the bushy beard is out, but trimmed and controlled beards are still very on trend right now.

These beards will likely fade away too in the coming year to give way to the clean shaven look, but right now you can get away with anything from a baby face to short stubble to longer stubble to a full-blown (but tamed and shaped) beard.