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New season. New do!

Spring has sprung in Kansas City!  The sun is shining, trees are in bloom and Waldo families are out and about strolling along Gregory with child and dog in tow.  I enjoy watching fellow Waldonians pass by the salon before they stop to indulge in a tasty treat at the favored McClain’s Bakery or quench their thirst with a craft beer at Bier Station.  

I love the change of seasons in Kansas City!  We have officially shed our winter clothes and perhaps some winter blues.  Although we did not endure much of a winter, I am embracing the blue skies and warmer weather we are now experiencing.  Some of you might be focusing your thoughts on enhancing your Brookside/Waldo homes with blooming baskets, catching up with friends on a patio, maybe purchasing cute summer clothes, a brighter lip colour for spring or maybe even shedding those pesky winter lbs  by lacing up a pair of sneakers, taking to the Trolley Trail for a quick jog, bicycle ride or (my personal favorite) an extra long walk with my fur-kids.  

For some, a change of season means a change in hair!  Our male clients inevitably want to go shorter for the warmer season and women want to see more blonde.

Color trends for Summer 2017

Speaking of blonde, how about we focus on a few color trends for Summer 2017?!  We are starting to notice a shift in the colour trend for 2017. Less vivid colour and more subtlety.  Vivid colours are less in-your-face and more blended throughout the hair.  Yet, babylights and balayage continue to be the most requested salon hair color/highlighting service(s).  

Floating highlights & foilage are coming in at a close second! I find myself being lost with hair envy when I see my niece's (hair) color at the end of her summer vacation.  She has the most beautiful sun-kissed bits of warm blonde highlights framing her tan little face, accentuating her big blue eyes.  

What are Babylights and Balayage?


Adding babylights is an excellent way to compliment existing colour and range from pale blonde to golden blonde.  This subtle technique opens up the face, enhancing features and blending gray.   What is Balayage and how in the heck do you pronounce it??  Let me begin with saying, Vive le Francais!!  Balayage (pronounced, bahl-ee-ahge, not Biolage) is a French highlighting technique which basically means ‘hand painted.’  

Balayage is a creative way to make an impact with hair colour but not necessarily have the obligation of touch-ups every 4-6 weeks.  Typically, our clients refresh their balayage every 8-12 weeks.  Balayage is currently my favorite highlighting application because it allows the stylist to be creative, to be an artist.      

So what’s the difference between babylights and balayage?

The difference between the two are, babylights are a microfine weave (placed with foil) around the hairline and along the natural part, with a consistent highlight from root to ends.  Balayage can be achieved by freehand, placing cotton, papers or foil throughout the hair.   It is a diffused highlight at the root, progressively getting more blonde toward the bottom, where you see the biggest impact, leaving less demarcation as the hair grows out. The up and coming foilage is to put it simply, a fun mix of the two!  

Floating Highlights/Pops of colour add dimension but not salon commitment (you read that right!).  A pop of colour can be added to fringe/bangs, at the nape and underneath the hair (at the curve of the head).  I personally love to see pops of color on my deep brunette clients!  This adds a little pizazz to an overall brunette or copper-red color client and the beauty of this service is, you only have to touch it up a couple times a year!  

Yippee! It is a new season and with a new season comes a new do!  If you want to be part of this up and coming summer colour trend, or would like to subtly modify your current style, allow Team Architexture to assist you in enhancing your natural beauty!

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