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Our Architexture is built around you. We are a boutique salon in the Brookside neighborhood offering both maintenance and luxury services, including free hair and skin consultations and lots of optional accessories. Our prices reflect the technique, time and skill level of each service. We are always training, learning and keeping up with the trends because this creative environment is where we thrive.

A basic step in the process. A crucial decision to all. This is the beginning of your next great hairstyle. Our haircuts include a shampoo, conditioning, & blow dry treatment. We also offer additional services for color and style add-ons. Prices may vary based on experience.

men's hair
Starting at $40. Keep it simple with a basic neckline and trim. Find your look with a shag or a fade. Our attention to detail allows you to own your look. Enjoy a complimentary neck trim on us, and a beard trim for $15.
women's hair
Starting at $45. Hair can make a strong statement about you, and that’s why we’re here. Let us embrace your personal style by finding a look to match. Your appointment with a trusted stylist will include a style consultation, and a soothing shampoo and conditioning treatment to leave you feeling refreshed and unstoppable as you walk out the door.
From full color to baby-lights and everything in between, we are confident your next look will be your best look. Our stylists will personalize all balayage and foilyage treatments by beginning with a consultation because your color deserves personalized attention. Prices vary depending on the service and stylist, but we’re happy to give you those answers. No surprises here.

Price Quoted Upon Consultation. A gift for the darker haired beauties. Differing from a balayage, foilyage lightens closer to the root in order to achieve that gradually blended look. Through the heated insulation of the foil treatment, your hair will lighten faster and your blonde will appear brighter.
Price Quoted Upon Consultation. A major trend in the industry, and one that isn’t going away. Balayage is a technique that completes your basic color with a naturally diffused highlight and organic looking texture. Using an undefined pattern, with creativity at its finest, balayage is applied as a freehand hair painting technique, resulting in an effortless, gradual color flow.
Brighten or deepen your shade while maintaining your overall base color. This service can be personalized from a few foils to babylights to full foil. Let us customize your highlight or lowlighting needs based on your lifestyle & budget.
Full Color
Starting at $55. A full color at Architexture means a full trust in our process, and we value that fact. Our strong attention to detail in each unique coloring formula brings hair to life in both lighter- fresher looks, and darker-richer statements. Discover your perfect texture and brightest shine.
Starting at $150. A classic hair treatment achieving the long-lasting body you desire while simplifying your daily curling regimen. With permanent waves and curls, and proper maintenance and care, your hair will maintain volume with bounce. Talk with our stylists to decide which body enhancing technique is best suited for your hair type.
The name of this game: ease. This temporary, head-turning style will radiate as you step out feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Price may vary depending on time, service and stylist required.

Starting at $40. Starting at $40. Treat yourself to the perfect girl’s day, and show-off your flawless new style at the next girl’s night. Blowouts have been around for years, giving freshly shampooed hair sleek curls and smooth volume. We don’t expect this to be a one size fits all, so talk with your stylist in order to decide which look suits you best: effortless beach waves, tight classic curls, or straight hair with luscious body. For brides and other special occasion clients, we give the option of letting us come to you. Please allow one hour for all blowouts.
Smoothing Treatment
Starting at $150. Achieve straight hair and maintainable volume with our smoothing treatment. This treatment gives straighter hair a healthy alternative. The keratin express treatment provides more smooth and  manageable hair, and less frizz and blow-dry time. This is the perfect treatment for those hot and humid summer months in Kansas City!
You the beautiful. You the natural. You the timeless. This one is for you. Our esthetician has the tools, knowledge and skills needed to personalize your next skin treatment. We offer corrective facials and rejuvenating peels as well as glow facials and Reiki for the ultimate relaxation.

Starting at $75. Dermaplaning uses natural enzymes to remove dead skin scales from the top layer of your skin. Our trained and certified esthetician uses a medical grade blade to remove superfluous facial hair and dead skin scales from the top layer of your skin, resulting in better absorption of skincare products. In 20 minutes, your face will glow with skin that is noticeably silkier and smooth. Dermaplane add-on $20.
Starting at $85. This 60-minute customized facial will begin with a consultation in order to better understand your skincare expectations and discuss our recommendations. We offer a variety of treatments for different skin types in order to exfoliate, enrich and brighten your skin. Talk with our esthetician about the option that best suits you.
Starting at $110. Whether it be acne, sun exposure or scarring, let us help you cater to these beauty marks. Through hydration, treatment, and specialized processes, we will give your skin its best opportunity to shine.
Chemical Peel
Starting at $65. Give your skin a fresh start. This 30-minute facial peel removes the top layer of dead skin and exposes your refreshed skin in its best form. f you are looking for a short process with long-term results, this is the treatment for you. Chemical Peel add-on $35 for 15 minutes.
Starting at $95. Brighten your skin tone and cleanse your pores. This 60-minute facial will do it all as we hydrate and refresh your skin through extractions, deep pore cleansing, and customized add-ons for your skin type. Glow facial add-on $25.
Starting at $65. Your time is limited, so we are happy to adjust. This facial exfoliates, cleanses and brightens your skin in just 30-minutes. Work with our esthetician to decide the most necessary treatment for your skin in order to get the best facial for you.
Starting at $85. This 45 -minute ‘facial for the back’ uses special processes combined with our cosmeceutical, medical grade skin care line by Rhonda Allison. We will focus on this hard to reach area with deep cleansing, gentle extracting and additional personalized care.
Starting at $60. Being a teenager can be difficult, and having acne makes things even harder. This 30-minute facial is personalized to the skincare needs of your teen and focused on a healthy, purifying experience. This facial is an important step during this time as it lays the foundation of protecting their skin for years to come.
Long, thick and beautiful: words you will use when describing your lashes, with or without make-up. Our extensions, tints and lifts give your lashes volume, and our maintenance services make sure they stay fresh.

$250. This is a full set eyelash extension using faux mink Xtreme lashes to make your eyes pop as they lift with semi-permanent volume. Please allow 2 hours for the eyelash extension services and 1 hour for all future fills.
Starting at $50. Keep your new eyelash set fierce by filling in the gaps and re-enhancing the volume of the original extensions. In order for it to considered a fill, at least 50% of the extensions must still be attached. Fills booked every 10 days are $50, and fills booked every 2-3 weeks are $75.
Eyebrows $20. Eyelashes $25. Eyebrows & Eyelashes $35.Tints use dye to achieve a cohesive look between your hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. Prices may vary depending on services and packages included in your appointment.
Lift $60. Eyelash lift & tint $80. Give your eyelash curler a break by giving your lashes a perm of their own. This long-lasting lift brightens your eyelashes with a curl that lasts about 3-4 weeks.
Eyebrow $18. Lip $15. Chin $15. Underarm $40. Let our waxing treatments leave your skin looking effortlessly clean. We know your eyebrows are important and completely dependent on your personal preferences. As a result, we will carefully clean, trim, and shape your brows in a way that compliments your facial features and leaves your skin feeling smooth.
Realign your mind, body and spirit through this service of healing touch. Reiki is included in all the services listed below. Express Reiki and Reiki Facials differ in time and facial treatment. Talk with our esthetician about which treatment will work best for you.

Starting at $45. Reiki is a fully immersive experience, allowing your mind and body to slowly relax as the positive energy takes control of the room. For 45 minutes, this traditional Japanese technique will use chakra points to evoke the release of stress, tension and harmful energy you push to the side each day.
Reiki Facial
Starting at $135. Choose your desired facial and combine it with the emotional benefits of Reiki in this complete 90-minute experience. For a shorter session with all the same perks, enjoy a 60-minute Express Reiki Facial for $95.



Upon entering our salon, it's my goal to create in shift of energy. Our customers and professionals always recognize Architexture's relaxing environment with a positive, happy vibe.

– Tami Daniel, CEO

esthetician services

Seeing the big picture in the beauty industry means adding up all the little things you do in order to feel your best. Our esthetician services benefit your skin, hair and mentality using healthy products and personalized treatments. This is your day, so let our services fit that mantra.